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Evolusi poker dari Texas Hold’em


Beberapa orang berpikir tentang asal mula poker. Sejumlah teori menunjukkan bahwa sejumlah orang Tionghoa adalah sejumlah orang yang mulai membuat game beberapa tahun sebelum 900 Masehi. Kejadian ini memberi tahu kita bahwa itu berasal dari domino asal Cina. Pada 969, Kaisar Cina Mu Tsong memainkan permainan domino dengan istrinya, yang diyakini banyak sejarawan sebagai permainan […]

Davis made the cut for the draw straight and even in his hand

Mark Davis defended his big blind with a suitable 7-5 against Rob Lipkin’s raised button and dropped a straight flush. That’s definitely a really good feeling, given the intense competition and high stakes of this $ 25,5000 buy-in event. With an absolute nut on the flop and basically not afraid of his opponent backing down, […]

injustice, which is very famous is the collusion between players

Recently, I wrote about a rather quirky book, “Dirty Poker,” which is about cheating at the poker table. The author, Richard Marcus, admits to having cheated on poker and other games of chance, his career. Marcus describes various forms of cheating, the most famous of which is collusion between players. In my column, I write […]