Playing gambling is when you fail to secure a prize

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that gambling with your health is not how you should play the game of life. Gambling isn’t a smart way to play poker either – not if your goal is to be a winner. Even an amateur or recreational player tries to get home with more money in his pocket than before sitting down to play. It is best that he “invests” rather than “gambles” with his chips.

Gambling is when you fail to ensure the prize (the chips you hope to win) will be much greater than the risk you are taking when playing poker. Gambling depends on pure luck (chance) that you have no control over. The prize is determined by the number of chips in the pot versus what you have to “invest” to see the next card. We call this a pot chance.

With draw cards (as is often the case with hand cards) – the cards that must be raised to win the bet – risk is determined by the odds of the cards as estimated by the number of cards you have. How many cards invisible from the deck will make your hand? The more relative to the size of the pot, the bigger the prize you can expect. When the pot odds are more than the card odds against you then you have “Positive Expectations.” In the long run, you will emerge victorious. Some might equate it with getting a Return on Investment (ROI) – as do successful entrepreneurs.

Both in health care as a part of life, and in the game of poker, it pays to avoid “gambling.” Don’t rely on luck. Make sure you always “invest” wisely. And, say that to your members of Congress who vote on our healthcare. “