three of these types of poker cards are very likely to lead to frustration

Of all the relatively common hands in video poker, I find Three of a Kind at the top of the list frustrating. This might be a little strange.

This is a guaranteed winner, paying the three most variations in the game. So why do I feel this way about hands? There are only three possible outcomes when given the Three Kinds. It finishes as Three of a Kind, you draw a Pair for Full House or you take a fourth for Quads.

Both non-Trip hands pay more than Trips. Quads will pay 25, 50 or more if you play Double Double Bonus. This is where the problem arises. You want a Three of a Kind deal, but you also want to achieve a fair share of Quads visit SBCPOKER, maybe even more of the fair share. This can obviously be the difference in winning or losing.

There are 1,081 possible outcomes when drawing two cards. Only 46 will produce Four of a Kind. It’s 4.25% or 1 in 23.5. You will be dealt Three of a Kind about 1 in 47 hands. Thus, you should be dealt Three of a Kind and in turn draw Quads, once in about 1,100 hands.

But, these are all average and certainly not difficult numbers. We’ve all dealt the Journey with two consecutive hands, maybe even three. This hand is very important to have a winning session. If Travel is a bonus journey in a Bonus video poker game, it becomes even more important.

But, on average this means that in a two hour period you will be given about 20 Trips, and roughly those people will turn into Quads. But, the math I mentioned above also tells us that it’s entirely possible that you could go through 23 consecutive Types of Three without hitting the Quads.