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Caldero got his last chip with the K Club Suit 8 Heart Suit and was summoned by Edelstein from the big blind in the K Spades Suit 5 Spades Suit. Edelstein dropped five to take the lead and held out from there to send Caldero to the rails in sixth place ($ 30,140).

Edelstein continued his knockout strokes by beating Jean-Francois Alexandre in fifth place. Alexandre pushed from the button over 10 big blinds holding the Q Club Suit 9 Club Suit and Edelstein called from the little blind with A Heart Suit J Spades Suit. Ace high is the best hand from the river and Alexandre earned $ 43,256 for his work in this event visited bandarkiu.

The next big confrontation saw Amine Hamzah getting an all-in on the flop 10 Spade Suits 4 Diamond Suits 3 Club Suits holding 10 Club Suits 6 Diamond Suits. He fought 6 Heart Suits5 Heart Suits from Suvarov, who made a straight draw with 7 Diamond Suits on the turn. A River Suit Locked the pot for Suvarov and Hamzah crashed out in fourth place ($ 62,081).

The three-handed stunt saw a number of large swings, but by the time the next elimination occurred, it was Tom Hoseth who sat down with the shortest pile. He earned his last chip holding 9 Diamond Suits 9 Club Suits and found himself facing A Club Suit Q Club Suit from Suvarov. Runout J Club Suits8 Diamond Suits5 Club Suits7 Diamond Suits8 Club Suits saw Suvarov make an ace-high flush on the river to send Hoseth onto the tracks for $ 89,098 for his third place show.

With that Suvarov took 54.2 million to play heads-up with Edelstein, who sits with 44.1 million. The two swapped advantages several times, with Suvarov holding the lead when the last game failed. With blinds from 800,000-1,600,000 and an ante of 160,000, Edelstein was raised to 3,200,000 on the button holding the K Suit DiamondQ Heart Suit. Suvarov’s triple bet for just shy of 10 million with 10 Spades Suits, 10 Dreamy Suits and Edelstein pushing over 42 million in total.

Suvarov called with his pocket tens and the board fell. J Club Suits 8 Diamond Suits 4 Diamond Suits 8 Club Suits9 Diamond Suits. A pair of ten Suvarovs was enough to secure a pot and title. Edelstein earned $ 127,872 as a runner-up finisher.