Some casinos understand your worth and actually reach out to their players

Some understanding of your worth and actually reaching their players – Poker players probably understand how valuable they are. A player who supports the card room which can be worth up to $ 50,000 If your favorite casino gives all the right deals, you will be loyal and very valuable to them because you support their game with all your playing hours. I’ve always preached that you can’t generate income if players don’t come through the door. Whether you are a professional or recreational poker player, as a group we are worth millions to the gaming industry.

Casinos should understand high limit poker games are valued at over $ 1 million in real cash per year. When you take into account the money from their friends and the other stages they make, it’s the X factor. It’s the intangible number the bean counter skips on their spreadsheets, and as you watch the perks start to disappear. Casinos have a bottom line, but you need to operate your poker and your bottom line manager above all visit pelangiqq.

However, understanding your worth and really reaching out to their players. Many Live Cassettes Add Additional Features for Poker Players. They have rakeback of up to $ 6 per hour and even free transportation to and from car engines. That’s important when looking for the best players for their investment.

One of the Casinos that listens to their players is Pechanga Resort and Casino about 90 minutes outside of Los Angeles. They offer high hand money every hour starting during the day, free round trip bus rides and $ 10 in free play to protect their money on certain days. The $ 1 drop is cheaper for every other casino hand in Southern California. That alone is a reason to consider playing there. The $ 50 they give each hour the high hand money for Omaha games and the $ 250 per hour for hold’em games is an added bonus. The fact they add is that a lot of money goes back into really helping the bottom line of poker players.

Where you spend your valuable time and money is a very important decision that affects not only you, but the entire gaming industry. It’s time for players to take a stand and not just accept the status quo. Express your opinion to upper management. As someone who has spent years at the table and in boardrooms, I can tell the higher the decision-maker the more receptive to advice. They don’t reach the top without the ability to listen and adapt.

If they don’t listen, play somewhere else. As simple as that. This is the only way to improve. Casinos are all vying for your time and money. Take the time to find the best deals and patronize venues that serve their players and avoid those that don’t add value.