The Caesars property features a $ 5 bet that pays $ 1 million

There is too much debt for me to list them all. However, the Caesars property features a $ 5 bet that pays $ 1 million for a 6-Card Royal in certain suits. It’s more than a 5 million-to-1 shot, but it’s a life-changing payout!

When I receive questions from readers this week about this sidebet, I want to make sure I answer their specific questions. He wants to know if 6-Card Royal should be two Straight Flushes (player has 9-10-J and dealer has QKA or vice versa).

The answer is no. It doesn’t matter who owns the cards. You look at the six cards as if they were one hand for the purposes of the sidebet visit poker88. This leads to the second reason I think this sidebet is so successful.

You can have the worst 3-card poker hand and still win the sidebet. With Pair Plus, if you lose this bet, you’re not doing well for Ante / Play. With the Six Card Bonus Sidebet, you might have a mess like the 4S 7D 8S, but if the dealer has a 5-6-7 straight, you get a 5-Card Straight.

If he has a Flush in Spades, you have a 5-Card Flush. And, if he has 5-6-7 Spades, you get a big winner with a 5-Card Straight Flush. You won’t care one bit that you lose the Ante / Play bet!

Ironically, the payback on the Six Card Bonus can be below the payback for Pair Plus. However, with higher payouts, the average player seems to care more, which is often the case.

People play Lotto with a 70% return. If the Jackpot goes up to the hundreds of millions, even more people play it. That’s the nature of gambling. The Sidebet Six Card Bonus has made new life an old game. Maybe you can teach an old dog a new trick?