KudaQQ – From Atari computers to video poker experts

It seems fitting that I will write this article on the eve of what will be my father’s 91st birthday. My father, Lenny Frome, was the first to analyze video poker games and write them extensively as you know.

Some have given him the nickname Godfather of Video Poker. He didn’t create the game, but he was the main reason why it was as popular as it is now. It may seem clear today that there is something to analyze in video poker and it is definitely not synonymous with slots. However, this is not always the case.

As the story goes, my dad walked into the casino and saw a video game poker visit KudaQQ advertising certain returns. He goes to a different casino and sees the same game with similar payout advertisements with different returns. He was a little confused as to how this had happened. This sends him on his way to analyze the game using his Atari computer. Many of you reading this may not know Atari made computers. But in the late 1980’s, they did.

Atari actually owned the first few computers with color screens and color monitors. Although, like my father will find the hard way, what you see on the screen is not easy to print, but I will leave that story for another day.

My dad was an electrical engineer in the defense industry for his real career. He worked on guidance systems for unmanned missions into space and later for the B1-Bomber. To say the least, his expertise wasn’t in computer programming. However, his math skills were out of this world. In some ways I have always found it interesting that his program which does video poker analysis is more programming and combination math.


Updated: November 23, 2020 — 4:13 pm