LapakPoker – Smart Poker Strategy

Pausing at the fore is a clever poker strategy – As it is written in the Bible, “There is a season for everything, and a time for all purposes under heaven.” These include “time to gain, and time to lose; A time to save, and a time to throw away. “So, that’s also in the game of poker.

Long day for me at the casino. As planned, I managed to get there and started playing just before 1pm. That’s when the Aces-Crack bonus comes into play, when pocket Aces are beaten in the river. It has often paid off for me. With a $ 100 bonus, you can’t lose. Whether you win or lose, the pot is bound to add chips to the pile you visit lapakpoker.

Pick a poker style and master it

I bought for $ 80 to play in a limitless $ 4- $ 8 Texas Hold’em game. After sitting at that table for about two rounds, I realized that it was a game that was too aggressive for my liking – too many aggressive players (even two ” maniacs ”) with a large pile of chips in front of them. Too expensive to still see the flop with the usual starting hand.

Most often, I rely on Hold’em’s Algorithm for that purpose – with a few exceptions depending on the situation at the time. And pocket Aces are extremely rare: 1 in 221 hands were dealt. On a complete table of nine players, you could expect one player to get, on average, a little under an hour. No question, it’s time for me to make a table change.

So I caught the eye of the floorman and asked to be moved to a different table. This one is (luckily) more to my liking; and, indeed, once proven, it was very good for me. The table texture makes a big difference.

I didn’t manage to catch pocket Aces, but I enjoyed more than my fair share of luck; and there were some bad beats in my favor – only one against me. Fortunately, all eight of my bluffs succeeded.

With experience, I seem to be getting better at bluffing. That includes several good sized pots. My gimmick attempts have been picture perfect, using slow play and check raise to build up some of the big pots I grab. What else can a poker player ask for?

I am quite satisfied and feel warm and comfortable when I study the table. I know that I have played well – there have been no faults on my part. So far, it’s been a very enjoyable and profitable session, as I scan my rack and pile of chips.



Updated: November 22, 2020 — 11:06 am