Poker Strategy With Jonathan Little Common Amateur Mistakes

When I first started playing poker as an 18 year old kid, I was really bad. I just want to put my hard-earned money in the pot when I find out I have absolute nuts. I finally learned that waiting for peanuts is actually the best way to go broke. If you are not a… Read More »

Playing gambling is when you fail to secure a prize

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that gambling with your health is not how you should play the game of life. Gambling isn’t a smart way to play poker either – not if your goal is to be a winner. Even an amateur or recreational player tries to get home with more… Read More »

Giving perspective Like playing in local hold’em games

At one time or another, we have had the wonderful experience of being “on a roll” – a spell of sustained success or luck at the poker table. Amazing experience; good for your personality as well as your soul! What could be better than seeing your pile of chips expand and grow? What else can… Read More »

An Irish Man Beats A Field Of 1,035 Entries To Secure First WPT Title

Loeser also scored his next knockout, with A Heart Suit 10 Spade Suit outperforming A Spade Suit 7 Diamond Suit from Pim Gieles. The board carried an ace and four other cards under ten, and Loeser’s superior shot sent Gieles onto the rails as a fourth place finisher ($ 118,980). João Maureli started the final… Read More »

three of these types of poker cards are very likely to lead to frustration

Of all the relatively common hands in video poker, I find Three of a Kind at the top of the list frustrating. This might be a little strange. This is a guaranteed winner, paying the three most variations in the game. So why do I feel this way about hands? There are only three possible… Read More »

A wide variety of poker techniques will tell you it is a bluffing trick

He only had two outs to fix his hands on. He called to the end, and lost a stack of chips. (Don’t get mad if he’s lucky and traps this pot from you. In the long run, it will pay off completely – and then some.) • Bluffers are common: Bluffing is a form of… Read More »

Davis made the cut for the draw straight and even in his hand

Mark Davis defended his big blind with a suitable 7-5 against Rob Lipkin’s raised button and dropped a straight flush. That’s definitely a really good feeling, given the intense competition and high stakes of this $ 25,5000 buy-in event. With an absolute nut on the flop and basically not afraid of his opponent backing down,… Read More »

injustice, which is very famous is the collusion between players

Recently, I wrote about a rather quirky book, “Dirty Poker,” which is about cheating at the poker table. The author, Richard Marcus, admits to having cheated on poker and other games of chance, his career. Marcus describes various forms of cheating, the most famous of which is collusion between players. In my column, I write… Read More »

Players who are skilled will also find out from their opponents

It takes a lifetime to master the technique of Poker, Bluffing: Whether you call it an art or a science, knowing when and how to bluff works requires considerable skill. And, for encouragement, we plan to attend columnist George Epstein at the Freda Mohr Senior Center when he discusses his book. Bluffs will get the… Read More »

The term house edge in roulette

Average house or house edge (also called expected value) is the number of players losing relative to each bet made, on average. If a player bets on a single number in an American game there is a 1/38 chance that the player wins 35 times the bet, and a 37/38 chance that the player loses… Read More »

Get the Jackpot on the site – Bandarkiu

Caldero got his last chip with the K Club Suit 8 Heart Suit and was summoned by Edelstein from the big blind in the K Spades Suit 5 Spades Suit. Edelstein dropped five to take the lead and held out from there to send Caldero to the rails in sixth place ($ 30,140). Edelstein continued… Read More »

Saranacash – My philosophy on casino gaming is a distraction

Casino games are a form of distraction. The costs are quite diverse in it. You go to the movies, you know tickets and drinks will cost you $ 20- $ 25. In a casino, you are likely to win, you are likely to lose big or to break even. I have no doubt your overall… Read More »